bulletShould We Bring Back Fighting To Reduce Violence Caused by Cheap Shots?
bullet All Hockey Needs Is One More Rule
bulletLet's See More Penalty Shots In Minor Hockey
bulletThe Whole Body Checking Issue Just Won't Go Away
bulletHockey Tournaments...Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

How Many Times Will You Witness an Assault Against A Minor Hockey Player This Season? 

bulletThe Root of All Problems In Minor Hockey Today? Coaches Are Too Well Trained! 
bulletAre Automatic Suspensions Ruining High School Hockey In Toronto?
bulletPlayoff Hockey Can Be Fun - Let The Kids Decide
bulletWhy I Quit Hockey... Keep Your Priorities Straight
bullet Have We Crossed The Line?
bulletEven Officials Have Off Games Once In A While!
bulletDon't Just Shake Your Head And Walk Away! Say Something!
bulletNew Ideas For Coaching New Officials
bulletYoung Officials Need Someone To Look Up To
bulletWorking Together Towards A Common Goal
Duncan Pike - Editorials
bulletThe Coaches' Role In Officiating
bulletYours in Officiating: What’s wrong with this statement?
bullet“Fair” Does not Always Mean “Equal” and “Equal Does not Always Mean “Fair”




As you read some of the editorials that follow, keep in mind that the authors are hockey fans just like you. Hockey fans have feelings and opinions on a wide variety of topics. Hockey fans also like to read the opinions of others in order to get a better understanding of how they fell about the topics themselves. We want you to become part of the After The Whistle editorial staff. If you want to send us regular contributions, send along a photo and we will put your head shot and name above with the titles of your editorials alongside your picture. Thank you to all who have sent us their editorials in the past. We look forward to adding many more in the months ahead. Enjoy your reading.



Editorials Submitted By Our Readers:

bulletHockey Should Be Considered As Part Of A Long-Term Personal Development Program For Your Child
by Jeff Turcotte
The California Waves have developed one of the most comprehensive, effective minor hockey development programs I have ever come across. Jeff Turcotte realized that there are parents who have the means to pay for this program and want their children to develop their skills in a positive manner which will broaden their opportunities. For the full story>>>>
bulletMaking The Cut - Reader Survey Comments
Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult jobs for a coach at any level involves telling a player that he is not going to make the team. Our readers have taken time to share some of their thoughts on the topic. For the full editorial...
bulletNHL: To Strike Or Not To Strike 
Editorial By Katie Rook - 
Journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.
The 2003 National Hockey League season is ending in September and with it will come the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between players and ownership. Unless an agreement is reached before September, the players will strike or ownership will force a lockout. Alternatively, the CBA will be extended for one year, while negotiations continue. Whatever the outcome, a change is imminent. At what expense that change will come remains to be seen. For the full editorial...
bulletBody Contact In Atom Hockey
Editorial by Dave Knox - Carleton Place, Ontario
There seems to be shortage of experienced referees to properly ensure the safety of the kids. In many occasions this year charging, elbowing, cfb, head hits and cross checking are not being called. Coaches soon see the lack of calls, and use their larger players to intimidate smaller, skilled players on the opposing teams. For the full editorial...
bulletReaders Provide Feedback On Major Issues
Our readers provided feedback to a survey sent out at the end of the 2002-2003 season. See what they feel are the main challenges facing minor hockey today. For the full story...
bulletPut Accountability Into Minor Hockey
Editorial by A Parent (Almost) Silenced
In response to the "Coach of the Year - Gone" article, Evan Wittrup, Director for the North Toronto Hockey Association, points out that the kids' best interests should be the most important criteria in any decision making process involving Minor Hockey. Robert Kirwan, Publisher, After The Whistle, suggests that the BLOMHA executive has dug themselves a hole out of which it will be hard to escape unscathed since it appears as though the kids best interests were not considered. For the full editorial...
bulletPeople Are Afraid To Speak Up When It Comes To Rep Hockey
Editorial by Jim Lowes - Burlington, Ontario
I'm not surprised that you're not getting a lot of e-mails on the subject of Paul Hobly not being appointed to coach a team for next year. Most parents who have kids in Rep are scared that their organization will read what they say and will be black balled from the Rep system. 90% of parents wish they had a Paul Hobley in their hockey system, but will not say it out loud. For the full editorial...
bullet For Fun Or To Win? That is the question.
Editorial by Penny Benjamin - Leduc, Alberta
When is comes to sports, what should it be? Ask any parent and the answer is sure to be winning. Ask any child outside of a parent’s hearing and they’ll say being with my friends. To a child it is not so much whether they win or lose as long as they get to be with their friends. For the chosen few who excel and eat sleep and breath the sport, there are Rep
teams to be had. For the full editorial...
bulletCoaching of Referees Must Become A Top Priority in Minor Hockey
Editorial submitted by Bernie Hughs.
Next year we should just let the kids play hockey, no practices, no coaches.
Can you imagine the uproar. Yet that's what we do to referees. They are not going to improve if they are not coached on how to improve. For the full editorial...
bulletWhen Does Contact From Behind Become Checking From Behind?
Editorial submitted by Duncan Pike
Horror stories about the devastating injuries suffered because of checks from behind are known in every corner of the hockey world.  The Canadian Hockey Association began a long, uphill battle to stop these hits in 1993 with the introduction of Rule 53. Checking From Behind.  It was then and has been ever since, a rules emphasis.  For those not in the officiating loop, rules emphases are put out by the CHA every year telling referees which rules are to be most strictly enforced.  For the full editorial....
bulletYears To Reflect
Editorial submitted by Robert Vanden Kroonenberg 
I can't remember when I wasn't involved in hockey in some way.  I played house league in an outdoor rink in Toronto for 5 years before moving north of Oshawa, to a town that actually had a roof over the arena. It was way back then, in 1970 as a 12 year old, that I had my first experience as a referee.  House league, 6am, on a Saturday morning.  I had to be crazy.   I realized very early that it was the one place I was truly comfortable.  It was the one thing I excelled at.  It was the one place I loved to be more then anywhere else. I can remember giving up weekends away, just to be available to officiate a hockey game or two.  For the full editorial....
bulletIt's Time To Take Hockey Back To The Grassroots
Editorial submitted by Lori Corriveau
Being the only girl in a family with 2 boys and my Dad and growing up in the '60s and '70s, every Saturday night was spent watching Hockey night in Canada.  I grew up in a small town where the only thing to do was hockey.  Everyone played and those that didn't supported the teams.  Every fella I ever dated played hockey and I have great memories of hockey games and parties. Somewhere along the line, I lost my love of hockey and I believe I lost it based on the fact that the NHL has taken a grass roots game and made it into the WWF on ice.  For the full editorial...
bulletThe Most Important Thing In Hockey Is Respect
Editorial submitted by Paul Hobley
Coach Paul Hobley speaks out on what he feels is the underlying problem with hockey today - a lack of respect. He feels that if you treat others with the respect they deserve, they will treat you with the same respect. He speaks passionately about the game he loves and the players he coaches. For the full editorial...
bulletChecking From Behind
Editorial by Mark Golden
THAT’s A CHECK FROM BEHIND REF…WHY DON’T YOU CALL IT BOTH WAYS”…..it started with this statement and before long the hockey game was taking on a life of its own.  If you are involved in the great sport of ice hockey as I am, this is becoming an all too familiar scene up in the stands.  What makes everyone so angry, why are they angry and what happens to this anger? For the full editorial...


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