It is my pleasure to introduce you to the people who are largely responsible for the content of this web site. While much of the writing was done by myself, the background technical information was obtained from my two sons, Marty and Warren Kirwan, who you will read about in the section below. 

Our goal was to develop a hockey site that would both inform and inspire fans and students of the game of hockey. We feel that the more you understand the "spirit of the rules of the game" the easier it will be to understand what officials are going through on the ice. That will lead to more enjoyment of the game.

We hope you enjoy After The Whistle.

Robert Kirwan
After The Whistle


Marty graduated from Laurentian University Sports Administration (Bachelor of Commerce) Program in the spring of 2002. He has his Senior Level 4 Canadian Hockey Association Officials Certificate. He first pulled on the stripes in 1989 as an 11 year-old and in has officiated in over 2000 hockey games from the Tyke division right up to the Ontario Hockey League.

He even decided to get a new perspective on the game in the 2001-02 season when he stepped behind the bench as a Trainer for a Minor Atom AA Hockey team in Valley East, Ontario while continuing to officiate at the same time. 

Marty also knows what it is like to play the sport, having competed at the 'AAA' Major PeeWee level before deciding to devote full time to refereeing. After four years off the ice he played a starring role on defense with his high school team while in Grade 13. So Marty knows the game from all sides and uses this knowledge to effectively manage all situations while on the ice as an official.

After serving as a linesman for several years, Marty was appointed as a full-time referee with the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) at the beginning of the 2005-2006 hockey season and retired at the end of the 2010-2011 season to devote more time to his career and his family.

He was a well-respected referee in the Northern Ontario Junior "A" Hockey Association (NOJHA) and in the Ontario College (OCAA) League during the 2001-2002 season before he decided to move to the Toronto Area at the beginning of the 2002-2003 season to advance his career on the ice and to manage the family owned marketing business out of their office which is located in the City of Guelph. He was married to Christina in October 2004 and now lives just north of Guelph. He and Christina have a son, Keelan, who was born in February 2009. Marty began a career as a police officer with the Peel Regional Police Department in January 2005.

In the spring of 2002 he had the honor to be a Referee in the Ontario "Air Canada Cup Regionals" held in Timmins and other tournaments such as the Big Nickel Major AAA tournament and the high school OFSAA tournament that was held in Sudbury, Ontario.

Marty was also selected as one of the six (6) referees assigned to the do the games at the 2004 World Under 17 Hockey Challenge which is being held in St. John's, Newfoundland from December 28 through January 4. He was only one of two referees from Ontario, with the other four coming from Quebec and out West.

Marty's involvement as an Editor of After The Whistle is an example of his commitment to the sport of hockey and of his desire to give something back to the game. He is especially interested in providing assistance and guidance to young officials who have expressed a passion for this segment of the game.

Marty’s Comments:

"The thing that I love the most about being a hockey official is that it does not seem like work to me. You show up to the rink and you know that for the next two to three hours, you are going to Referee a hockey game that has never taken place before. You never do the same game twice, it always changes."

Warren Kirwan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Laurentian University in the year 2000. He then became a founder of Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc., the company which is responsible for publishing ‘After The Whistle" and several other community interest internet publications. In January 2004, he was hired as the Director of Admissions for the Sudbury Campus of CDI College, a position which he occupied for two years before deciding to continue his post-secondary school studies at the University of Trent where he obtained a Bachelor of Education degree. He now teachers full-time in the Barrie area where he lives with his wife Cindy Meyer-Kirwan and her two children, Brittney and Austin.

Warren received his Level 4.1 of the Canadian Hockey Association Officials Certification program in the spring of 2002.  His on-ice referee career spanned over 16 years, first stepping onto the ice as an 11 year old in 1987, covering all levels from Tyke to the Northern Ontario Hockey Association Junior ‘A’ League. He began his first season as one of the six full-time referees assigned to referee the home games of the Sudbury, Rayside-Balfour and Manitoulin Island clubs playing in the NOJHA during the 2003-2004 season. He has taken time off from the game to advance his career goals, but now that he is coaching Austin, there is always a chance that he may get the urge to return to the game as an on-ice official..

Warren was a very successful hockey player up to the end of his Major PeeWee years when he decided to devote full-time to refereeing and other sporting endeavours in high school. He did approximately 200 hockey games a year and was recognized as one of the top senior officials in the Greater Sudbury Area. Many observers attribute his ability to manage the game as an official to his inside knowledge and understanding of the game as a player. He knows what it is to be in the heat of battle and takes that into consideration when dealing with players on the ice.

Warren has developed a reputation for consistency. Coaches and players understand that Warren takes his role as a referee seriously and is not afraid to call penalties, regardless of the time of game or situation. He applies this consistency at all levels of play. No one will every accuse Warren of "losing control" of a game or of being afraid to hand out penalties to deserving players and coaches. He is on the ice to make sure that everyone enjoys the game and plays according to the rules.

Warren is very conscientious about giving something back to the hockey program and is a former President of the Sudbury & District Hockey Officials Association. Through this involvement he is able to provide leadership and guidance to younger officials and work with hockey associations to improve upon training and development programs.

Warren’s Comments:

"Hockey has always been one of my favourite sports. Whether playing, coaching, refereeing or just watching, it should be an enjoyable experience for all. What we need most of all today is to bring the fun back into the game and I certainly hope that we can help accomplish that goal through 'After The Whistle'. 



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