You Make The Call #1
What do you do when you are the only one in the arena who sees an infraction?


You Make The Call #2
An innocent check early in the game.


You Make The Call #3
What happens when the clock doesn't start on time? Check out this situation and see how you would handle it if you were the referee.

You Make The Call #4
The Board of Directors tenders their resignations to demand that the City keep a parent out of the arenas. The hockey season is in jeopardy because of the standoff. What advice would you give to solve the situation?
You Make The Call #5
We are in sudden death OT, I'm on a break away and get tripped up and lose control of the puck. (as if I ever get break away). Ref signals the call (penalty shot) but since my team regained possession of the puck the play goes on. Our goalie leaves the net for a man advantage.
A bad pass to our defensemen on the opposing blue line slides past him, the puck makes its way down the ice and enters our net.
So what is the call?
Do we lose, is the game over?
Do we get our penalty shot and a chance at tying the game?
Dan Lehoux
Domtar Ice Dogs Major Peewee
The correct procedure is to count the goal and allow the penalty shot to take place
and thus a chance to tie the game.
You Make The Call #6 
What happens when five players on each team have simultaneous major penalties. Does time is to be taken off the clock and play resumes or the game is suspended? Or when five players on one side have major penalties and the other side have none. Does the game get forfeited?

Allen Horin

When five players on each team have simultaneous major penalties, a number of things may take place. First of all, the teams will play at full-strength since the penalties cancel each other out. However, four of the players will be given game misconducts for being involved in a 2nd or more fight during the same stoppage of play.

The chance of five players on one side receiving major penalties to none on the other side would be virtually impossible. However, a game is only forfeited if a team is unable to put six skaters (including a goalie) on the ice when playing full strength.



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