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Robert Kirwan
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"Why is there such a high drop-out rate among hockey players in Canada?"

For anyone who loves the game of hockey, this is a burning question. Anyone who has experienced the sheer joy of playing street hockey, or on the outdoor rink for hours at a time will tell you that hockey is a wonderful sport that is so much fun to play. But what happens when it becomes organized, with teams, and competition, and tournaments. The basic game is still the same. The rules are still the same. And, you even have a referee to make sure the rules are followed - something that is missing from street hockey games.

So why do kids stop loving the game?

I donít think we have to look much further than the adults in the stands to find the answer. 

In recent years we have heard of a man in the United States sentenced to six years in jail for killing another man in a fight at an arena. 

A bantam game in Toronto once had to be halted because of an altercation between two coaches. 

And during one tournament in a Northern Ontario community , witnesses overheard one parent threaten to kill another father and his son at the end of the season. 

We hear more and more stories about parents trying to attack referees; coaches almost coming to blows with each other; fights in the lobby after the game; a linesman being speared in the leg by an angry high school player; referees walking off the ice; and accusations of teams trying to use illegal players. 

George Armstrong, a former Toronto Maple Leaf Captain who grew up in Skead, was once quoted in the Toronto Star, "Hockey in Canada will be in good shape when parents decide that it is being played for the childrenís benefit and not their own."

It's Time To Rebuild The Image Of Hockey

Canada has always been known as the "Hockey Capital Of The World" , but people who follow hockey closely have noticed that even though the skill level of players and coaches have improved over time, the public image of the sport has deteriorated in recent years.

While most hockey stories and columns are about up-to-the-minute scores, standings, team and personal profiles, and tournament results, "After The Whistle" will go beyond the surface level in an attempt to help rejuvenate Canadaís favourite sport by actually providing parents, players, coaches, and fans with a real close look inside the game of hockey.

Through the effective use of special guest interviews, editorials, colourful action photos, and the detailed explanation of special game management techniques employed by officials, "After The Whistle" will help people get more enjoyment from both watching and playing hockey.

We Are Convinced That Most Of The Problems With Hockey Today 
Are The Result of A Lack of Understanding Of The Rules 
And Of How The Game Is Managed On The Ice

It is our opinion that most of the problems on the ice and in the stands with respect to violence, anger and abuse of officials are largely due to a lack of understanding of what the game is all about.

"After The Whistle" will provide the background to help people gain a true understanding of the game through very entertaining and thought-provoking editorials and revealing photos.

The rapid increase in "rink rage" during the last couple of years must be stopped. If this web site can be used to help people gain a more healthy attitude towards the game, then perhaps the fun will return and kids will continue to play hockey for many years to come.



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We sincerely hope you enjoy all aspects of this web site and find it both informative and stimulating. 
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