Know Your Rules
Knowledge Is The Key To Success


Knowledge Is The Key!

As a young official, you are just learning the rules of hockey. Some fans may not recognize this, but it is a fact of life. The more experience you get from doing more games will give you that ever increasing body of knowledge of the game of hockey, but you must do more than just referee on the ice.

You Need To Learn The Rules!

There is nothing worse than having a coach know the rules better than you do. Coaches can recognize a referee who knows his rules from a referee who does not. Coaches will feed off of this and they will use it to their advantage by trying to talk to you and trying to convince you of the right call…..which is to their favor.

You all have a Referee rule book and an Officials Procedure Manual. These were given to you for a reason, not to collect dust on a shelf at home, but to be read from time to time. Here is a good suggestion that we use from time to time. When you are officiating a game and a tricky situation that you have never seen before arises, do your best at that moment, but when you get back into the Referee’s dressing room or back at home, look up that situation to find the correct answer. If what you did on the ice was wrong, don’t sweat it, you will learn more from your mistakes than you will from getting everything right all the time.

The next time that you are at home and you are tired of doing your school work (school work comes first!), pick up the Rule Book and look through it. There are some very interesting and tricky situations that may arise throughout your officiating career. Remember, these situations in the rule book are in there because they have happened to someone, they may happen to you. Know your rules.



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