Make Sure You Are In Top Physical Condition
Donít Run Out Of Energy


As a young official, you probably do not have that much time to exercise between school, your other part-time job (if you have one), home work and just hanging out with your friends. However, you must realize that as a hockey official, you do not get to change up with another referee every minute or so. You are on the ice, skating from the beginning of the game right up till the buzzer goes to end the third period. This takes a lot of energy out of you and if you are not in good physical condition, you may find yourself behind the play more than you are with the play.

We are not saying that you have to run five miles a day or lift weights every day, but we are suggesting that you get off your couch and be active. It is very difficult to officiate a game if you are out of breath the entire game. The more exercise that you get off the ice, such as playing road hockey with your buddies, or walking your dog, will give you this extra edge that you may need from time to time and as you progress to the higher categories where the speed of the game is faster and you need to be in better shape.



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