Eat Properly To Keep Up Your Energy


Your Body Needs Fuel

In conjunction with being physically fit, you also need fuel to get you through a game. When we refer to fuel, we mean eating something good before a game, not just junk food. As officials we usually have to walk past the canteen that has all of those bags of chips and chocolate bars and a referee’s nemesis, a poutine. Speaking from experience, when you eat a poutine before a game, by the end of the first period you will feel as though you are going to be sick. Your stomach starts to churn and cramp up on you and before you know it, you are having trouble concentrating on the game because you are more worried about being sick on the ice. Whatever you eat before a game, do not eat a large, heavy meal that will sit in your stomach, such as a poutine or a steak dinner.

If at all possible, try to eat at least two hours before you go on the ice because this will give you time to digest some of your supper before you start to skate. Remember, skating a full game as an official is a very good workout and you do not want to do it on a full stomach, although sometimes you can not avoid this as your schedule may require you to eat right before a game. We are just as guilty as the next official. We will have a chocolate bar before a game if we are hungry, but believe us that by the time the third period rolls around, you will be extremely tired.

Proper Foods

Try to eat foods such as spaghetti that provide lots of carbohydrates, which is your body’s main source of fuel for exercise. The body consumes carbohydrates first, then fat, and then protein. Since officiating hockey is an aerobic type of exercise/job, you need your carbohydrates in order to have a sufficient amount of energy for your body to perform for the entire length of the game.

Other foods that are extremely beneficial before you officiate a game are: vegetables (the more green the better), fruits, cereal (Vector or Raisin Bran), grain products (whole wheat bread), and milk. These foods provide a great source of carbohydrates.

The bottom line is, if you eat properly all the time then you will have more energy to officiate hockey and do other daily tasks much easier and with a greater source of energy.



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