Hockey Expansion Faces A Long Up Hill Battle In Southern California 
The following is the text of an email that was sent to After The Whistle by Sharon Keeney, a parent of a 10 year old goalie who plays as part of the California Waves Hockey Club in Anaheim. She identified some of the main issues facing minor hockey in that area of the continent. As you will see, many of the issues are common to other locations, but the geographical factors coupled with the tremendously high cost of playing this sport will have a huge impact on slowing the growth of the development of hockey in the United States. We thank Sharon for being so candid and for providing the rest of the readers of this web site with some excellent insight into her situation, which should help us appreciate our own. For the full story>>>>
Hockey Should Be Considered As Part Of A Long-Term Personal Development Program For Your Child
The California Waves have developed one of the most comprehensive, effective minor hockey development programs I have ever come across. Jeff Turcotte realized that there are parents who have the means to pay for this program and want their children to develop their skills in a positive manner which will broaden their opportunities. For the full story>>>>
The Third Team On The Ice - The Game Means Just As Much To This Team
This is a story about the "third team" on the ice during the opening game between the Manitoulin Wild and the Northern Michigan Black Bears of the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League. The third team traveled over 140 kilometers one way to take part in the game, and in some ways, it is the most important of all teams on the ice. This is a story about the officials. For the full story >>>>
House League or Rep? Where Will Your Child Play?
Our 8 year old plays in-house hockey and has for almost five years. We've thought about travel hockey but the parents scare us. He loves it so much I wouldn't want to expose him to something like that and make him loose his love of the game. I sent this letter on to the other parents on our in-house team. It's a sad commentary on what parents do to their kids, supposedly in their best interest. For the full story >>>>
Physical Size or Skill? What Will Win Out?
Does physical size take precedence over skills and skating ability when entering the peewee level? I know every coach would love to have the best of both worlds, but what if 2 players were competing for the same spot on a team. The smaller player is far more skilled than the larger player, but the larger player handles the body checking with much more aggression. Which player do you think would or should get picked? For the full story >>>>
CHA Campaign Designed To Reduce Parental Pressure
The Canadian Hockey Association introduced a public-service campaign in November 2002 entitled, "Relax, It's Just A Game". The campaign was designed to raise awareness and end some of the inappropriate parental pressure toward young hockey players in Canada. For the full story>>>
Mentorship Program To Be Implemented in 2003-2004
Once again the Canadian Hockey Association may be about to embark on a much-needed initiative to help improve minor hockey across Canada. The National Official Mentorship Program is something that has been considered long overdue and should be well-received by all minor hockey associations. For the full story>>>>>
What Happens When Volunteers Have Had Enough?
A Greater Sudbury Area minor hockey association demonstrated what can happen when volunteers feel that their safety is being compromised by abusive people and destructive criticism. It is an issue that all of us who are interested in the future of minor hockey must be aware of in order to ensure that the people who are responsible for organizing hockey programs are doing so for the right reasons. For the full story>>>>>
"If You Don't Want To Follow The Rules, Then Get Out Of The Game!"
See how the Nickel District N.O.H.A. Executive has given a clear message to players and coaches. The three-penalty rule demonstrates that anyone who is on the ice to consistently break the rules and ruin the enjoyment of the game for others will be severely disciplined and ejected. For the full story>>>>>
High Turn-Over Of Officials Is Bad News For Minor Hockey
When it comes to minor hockey, there are only three professionals on the ice. That's right. There are only three people on the ice who are earning a living in a hockey career - they are the officials. For the full story>>>>
Rink Rage - Enough Is Enough! It's Time To Draw The Line
The line has been drawn! It appears as if all of the public service campaigns, fair play clinics, certification programs, posters, etc. are failing to curb the increasing incidence of violence. There is only one thing left to do!  For the full story>>>
Is There A Place For Body Checking In Minor Hockey?
The sooner we eliminate body checking from all play below the Midget Level, the sooner we will see an improvement in the game of hockey. There is no other way to go. If we continue to allow players to receive their satisfaction from "hitting", they will never learn to develop the true skills of the game. For the full story>>>>>

BC Amateur Hockey Association Being Called On To Eliminate Body Checking To Bantam And Above Safety Liability The Main Issue

In a written submission to the BC Amateur Hockey Association, a group including Dr. David Brooks, a Sports Medicine Physician of Summerland, B.C., Paul Weed, a Master Course Conductor with the Canadian Hockey Association's National Coaching Certification Program and the BC Amateur Hockey Association Coach Coordinator for the District of Vancouver Island based in Comox, B.C. and Chuck Blanaru, lawyer and President of the Nanaimo Minor Hockey Association, call on the BC Amateur Hockey Association to revoke its decision to permit bodychecking at ages below the Bantam division, age 13.   For the full story >>>>>
Should A Coach Have The Right To Withdraw A Team For Safety Reasons?
Tim Gmeinweser, coach of the Knights of Columbus Sabres Bantams is being considered a hero by some, but is being condemned by others. The Sabres are based in Edmonton. During the Christmas Holidays he pulled his team off the ice because he was concerned for the safety of his players. What is your opinion on this situation? For the full story>>>>>
Should House League Players Have The Right To Choose Where They Play?
Rep players have had to deal with geographical restrictions forever. If a player wishes to transfer to a team in another jurisdiction, he is required to get a release from his home organization. In some cases, the home organization refuses to grant the release and parents have been forced to either move to another city or threaten legal action. Now the question is being put to House League Associations, especially in small rural communities where declining registrations are impacting on the number of  hours of ice time they are allotted for practices and games. The issue came to the forefront in the City of Greater Sudbury at the beginning of the 2003-2004 hockey season. For the full story>>>>


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