You must renew your membership in the CMP Registry by visiting the Continuing Education Centre at least once every six to twelve months.

Take a moment right now to CLICK HERE and go to the Continuing Education Centre where you can read the latest bulletin updates about concussion management and you can renew your membership by filling in your user name and password. I would suggest that you renew your membership while you are here and take care of the matter in case you forget.

If you have not renewed your membership within any twelve month period, your name may be taken off the CMP Registry until you go back and renew.

This is being done to ensure that all members of the CMP Registry have the same basic qualifications with respect to concussion management, regardless of where they are located in Canada and the United States. It is this consistency of qualifications that is the greatest benefit of the CMP Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program.




The CMP National Registry consists of all of the people, including student-athletes who have successfully completed a CMP Concussion Management Certification Course and who have continued to participate in the CMP Continuing Education Program .


The CMP National Registry was established in order to verify that the people who are members in good standing have a common standard when it comes to their qualifications and training with respect to the fundamental concepts of sport-related concussion management. 

We have also taken full advantage of modern technology to develop a facilitator-lead video-enhanced internet-based instructional model to ensure that no matter where you receive our training, it will be consistent. 

The CMP Concussion Management Certification Course includes:

  1. comprehensive training that we feel provides a fundamental understanding of the way the brain functions and what happens when we suffer a brain injury;
  2. a framework for the identification and rehabilitation of student-athletes who suffer an injury that causes a concussion; 
  3. a continuing education program that ensures that all of our members in good standing are receiving regular up-dates on the latest development in the field of concussion management;

By having a National Registry, it does not matter where you go in the world, the fact that you are a member in good standing of the CMP National Registry tells others that you are well qualified to be responsible for coaching student-athletes who are involved in sports or activities where there is a risk of concussion. It also tells people that no matter when you completed your certification course, you have taken part in a continuing education program to remain informed and updated with respect to new developments in concussion management. Your original training has been continuously upgraded through this enhanced program. This is not a one-time training program. It is part of a life-long learning program.

And, whereas all schools and organizations which are covered by the CMP Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program will be expected to maintain the same high standards, it means that you will be qualified to coach their teams or participate as a player on their teams if you are a member in good standing of the CMP National Registry.


To be a coach:

One of the conditions of the CMP Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program is that at least two members of the coaching staff of any "designated contact sport or activity" must be members of the CMP National Registry. We recommend that the school or organization make it a requirement that all members of the coaching staff become certified, but we want to make sure that at least two are present at each game and practice. It doesn't matter where you received your original training as long as you are a member in good standing.

To be a player:

Student-Athletes who wish to play for a team that is covered by the CMP Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program must not only be a member of the National Registry, they must also have recorded a valid Baseline ImPACT test that is less than two years old by the end of the relevant season with the team they wish to play for.


You can contact the School CMP Leader (usually the Principal or Vice-Principal) at any member secondary school and ask to attend an upcoming CMP Concussion Management Certification Course that will be offered at the school.

If you are part of a minor sport organization, you will contact one of the Association CMP Leaders for information about when the next training sessions are scheduled to take place.

These courses are being offered several times each year so that individuals from the staff and/or community who wish to coach one of the school's designated teams or one of the organization's teams may become CMP Certified.

Therefore, if you feel you would like to volunteer in any capacity with a team at a member school or organization, you will have an opportunity to become a member of the CMP National Registry and that membership will be recognized anywhere in the world where we have member schools or organizations.


Every member of the National Registry will be given their own personal file.

The personal file will be set up at the time of registration which will be done upon successful completion of a Concussion Management Certification Course.

Once you complete the Course you will register as a NEW MEMBER and will enter the necessary information as prompted by the web site. When you complete the data entry, you will email your form to your Course Facilitator who will enter his/her password to validate your registration and you will immediately become part of the National Registry.

An optional section of the member registration form has been set aside for members to add other qualifications, certificates and/or experience that would provide more information about their particular qualifications with respect to coaching student-athletes. This section can be updated after the membership is validated.

You may also change your email address and password if you choose. It is important to make sure that your email address is accurate since this is where the "continuing education" material will be sent. If you do not acknowledge receipt and reading of the continuing education information every six months you will be removed from the National Registry.

There is a section at the bottom of the form that allows you to forward the certificate information to another email address. This will be necessary if someone wishes to confirm your qualifications as a CMP Certified Member. All of the information that is entered on your Personal File will be sent to that email address. It is an excellent way to share your experience and background information.


In order to maintain your membership in good standing you MUST acknowledge receiving the information newsletters and bulletins that are part of the CMP Continuing Education Program. 

This is done by going to the Continuing Education Renewal Centre where you will enter your user name and password at least every six months. If you fail to renew your membership within six months of your previous renewal, your name will be taken off the CMP National Registry until you renew again.

You can visit the Continuing Education Centre by CLICKING HERE>>>>