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Personal Consultation Services
For Student-Athletes With
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Specific Strategies Designed to Reduce The Risk of Repeat Concussions

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Concussion Management
Program Development
For School Boards
& Minor Sports


Concussion Management Consultation Services
For School Boards


Concussion Management Consultation Services
For Minor Sports


CMP Program Development Guide
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Program Development Guide 
What is a Concussion?
Signs, Symptoms & Behaviours
A Partner Approach
Understanding The Brain
Essential Elements
Baseline Assessment
Concussions & The Law

Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, November 2012
British Journal of Sport Medicine with Links to Related Reference Articles
PDF Download Copy
Review of Statement by CMP
Child SCAT 3
SCAT3 - Pocket Version
Sport Concussion Library
ImPACT Test Web Site
Other Links and Articles

(An excerpt from Chapter Four of the CMP Program Development Guide which is provided to all people who participate in one of the Training & Program Development Workshops Sponsored by CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc.)



Our mission at CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc. is to empower School Boards, Post-Secondary Institutions and Minor Sport Organizations in Canada and the United States to develop a Concussion Management Program that includes the establishment of common standards in the areas of training and certification of coaches and student-athletes as well as effective protocols for concussion identification and rehabilitation. The accomplishment of that mission will help us achieve our vision which is to become recognized as one of the world’s foremost resources on concussion management. 


We have developed the Hope For Tomorrow Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program Development Guide after extensive research which included an examination of the concerns and challenges which have been expressed by coaches, players, parents, and experts from around the world. We concluded that the main elements that were required in any concussion management program should include but not be limited to the following components: 

  1. A formal written training program for School Board or Organization Leaders;

  2. Mandatory video-directed live training of coaches and student-athletes by a qualified leader;

  3. Specific Return-to-Learn accommodation guidelines for classroom teachers and student-athletes; 

  4. Comprehensive Return-to-Play guidelines for coaches and student-athletes;

  5. Home Care accommodation guidelines for parents/guardians;

  6. Baseline neuropsychological assessment every two years for all student-athletes involved in high-risk sports;

  7. Baseline and Post-Injury neuropsychological assessment supervised by a licensed Neuropsychologist;

  8. Immediate removal from play upon exhibiting any evidence of universally accepted signs, symptoms or behaviours consistent with concussion;

  9. Mandatory examination by a medical practitioner as soon after the incident as possible;

  10. Post-Injury neuropsychological test to be administered once initial symptoms have subsided;

  11. A Student-athlete may only be permitted to return to competition when the absence of signs, symptoms or behaviours consistent with concussion is confirmed by the treating medical physician; the student-athlete’s parent/guardian; classroom teachers; the coach who is supervising the return-to-play progression; the student-athlete him/herself; the School or Team Leader responsible for the student-athlete; and when the post-injury neuropsychological assessments have returned to baseline levels.


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