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Concussion Management
Program Development
For School Boards
& Minor Sports


Concussion Management Consultation Services
For School Boards


Concussion Management Consultation Services
For Minor Sports


CMP Program Development Guide
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Program Development Guide 
What is a Concussion?
Signs, Symptoms & Behaviours
A Partner Approach
Understanding The Brain
Essential Elements
Baseline Assessment
Concussions & The Law

Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, November 2012
British Journal of Sport Medicine with Links to Related Reference Articles
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Review of Statement by CMP
Child SCAT 3
SCAT3 - Pocket Version
Sport Concussion Library
ImPACT Test Web Site
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"The first step in solving any problem is recognizing that we have a problem in the first place."

Robert Kirwan
President & CEO

I think it is pretty safe to assume most people recognize that we have a very serious problem when it comes to dealing with the prevention, identification and rehabilitation of sports-related concussions. Unless you have been living in a cave, completely isolated from all media sources, by now you have been exposed to numerous articles, news stories, conferences and books on this topic as experts do their best to increase awareness of the signs, symptoms and behaviours consistent with concussion; the latest research about traumatic brain injury; and a wide variety of products and services designed to help reduce the risk of concussions, especially among our youth.


While we acknowledge the importance continuing this awareness campaign, lest we forget that the problem persists, the professional consultants and associates of CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc. feel that it is time to take the issue of Concussion Management to the next level.


We also decided that school boards, and in particular classroom teachers, are in the best position to actually do something to help solve this crisis.

Therefore, we have created a strategic plan of action which will assist school boards in Canada and the United States in the development of a Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program that addresses their local needs and concerns while at the same time embracing universally accepted principles such as the establishment of consistent standards in the areas of training of coaches and student-athletes, the education of parents/guardians, teachers and professors, and the implementation of effective protocols for sport-related concussion identification and rehabilitation.

The accomplishment of that mission will help us achieve our vision which is to become recognized as one of the world’s foremost resources on concussion management.


While we place emphasis on addressing the problem through the school boards, we are also looking to establish some effective interfacing protocols between schools and the minor sport associations to which student-athletes often belong.

Therefore, we look forward to working with minor sports associations to help them develop their own concussion management programs, including protocols which will allow them to connect with the classroom teachers and school leaders who work with their players. It is this cooperative interface that will enable injured student-athletes to recover in the shortest period of time possible.



CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc. was established in order to empower school boards and minor sport organizations to develop a practical coordinated approach in dealing with sport-related traumatic brain injuries that are experienced by their varsity level student-athletes.  


The CMP Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program is a partner approach to concussion management that will enable student-athletes to enjoy the positive benefits of participating in their favourite sports activities while at the same time knowing that if they happen to suffer a concussion there are clearly defined protocols in place which will effectively and safely manage their injury in order to achieve the greatest level of recovery. 




Our vision is to be recognized as one of the world's foremost resources on student-athlete concussion management.



Our mission is to assist school boards and minor sport organizations in Canada and the United States in the development of a Student-Athlete Concussion Management Program that addresses their local needs and concerns while at the same time embracing universally accepted principles such as the establishment of consistent standards in the areas of training of coaches and student-athletes, the education of parents/guardians, teachers and professors, and the implementation of effective protocols for sport-related concussion identification and rehabilitation.




CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc. will also be working with local school boards,  minor sport organizations and corporate institutions from the public and private sectors to provide Private Hope For Tomorrow Concussion Management Training Workshops designed exclusively for their members and/or employees.


These Training Seminars will be customized to suit the particular group for which they are being organized. For example, if the Training Workshop is being arranged for a school board, then there will be a stronger emphasis on the education sector challenges and issues. If it is being organized for a minor soccer association, then it will be geared to the sport of soccer.


For more information about the training seminars click here>>>  




Mr. Robert Kirwan is available to act as a facilitator for a steering committee that has been established by a school board or minor sport organization, for the purposes of developing the protocols and procedures of their own concussion management program. Mr. Kirwan will work with the committee for as long as required in order to help keep the group on task and achieve their ultimate goal.



Mr. Robert Kirwan specializes in concussion management in the education sector and is available to provide in-service training to classroom teachers and/or administrators. These sessions will focus on helping teachers learn how to identify signs, symptoms and behaviours consistent with concussion. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of teachers recognizing the risk of concussions from physical education activities and from free-play at recess. In many cases, it is felt that a sport-related concussion may in fact have originated from a first blow received in school or outside during recess time. Classroom teachers therefore become extremely important in that they may be the first ones to identify a concussion and will be able to prevent additional complications that arise from a student playing a sport where there is a chance of receiving a second concussion before the first one is healed.




The content used by our workshop leaders will be taken from our own CMP Hope For Tomorrow Program Development Guide. This resource document has been written by Robert Kirwan with Dr. Michael Czarnota acting as the consulting neuropyschologist on medical-related topics. Everyone who participates in one of the CMP Concussion Management Workshops will receive a copy of the latest version of the Program Development Guide which may then be used as a future resource. In addition, all participants may register for online digital updates which will be sent by email every year. With so much research being done on traumatic brain injury, we are finding that we are continuously making revisions to the Program Development Guide in order to make sure it contains the latest information.


The Program Development Guide is close to 300 pages in length, so we do not have the time to cover all of the material in a one-day workshop, but we can assure all participants that we will deal with the most important elements of the document and will provide you with enough of an understanding of the concepts that you will be able to make full use of the resource after the workshop.




Because of the legal implications of meeting compliance requirements of new legislation covering school board and minor sport athletics, we will issue a verification of participation certificate to each participant, which may be used to provide evidence of training. This is just something that may allow individual school boards and minor sport organizations to screen persons who would like to coach or work with student-athletes. At least they will have a common standard of training which will be verified by more than the person's admission.


For a sample of our Certificate CLICK HERE>>>>>


Introducing the  

Concussion Management Specialist                    
Principal Partner

VisionHeadShot2smallRobert Kirwan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Laurentian University in 1972. He graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Education from Central Michigan University in 1984. He has been an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) since 1973 and is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers. In 2010 he was elected as a Trustee with the Rainbow District School Board which operates 37 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools over an area of 15,000 square kilometers, including Sudbury , Espanola, Manitoulin and Shining Tree.

After a 28 year career as a classroom teacher, Mr. Kirwan decided to open a full-time private practice as a Program Development Consultant. He founded The Greater Sudbury Learning Clinic in 2007, specializing in the fields of education, training and career development.

Since the summer of 2011, he has been working in partnership with Dr. Michael Czarnota, Ph. D., a licensed neuropsychologist from Detroit who is a specialist in sport-related concussions. Together they have developed student-athlete concussion management protocols and procedures which can be adapted by school boards and minor sport organizations. Mr. Kirwan is committed to helping raise the standard of care for student-athletes with respect to identification and rehabilitation of concussions. He also feels strongly that formal "return-to-learn" protocols are critical to the successful treatment of concussions in student-athletes.

Mr. Kirwan is pleased to be a member of the Pure Wellness Group where he will be facilitating workshops and providing consultation services with respect to the academic implications of sport-related concussions experienced by student-athletes, including accommodations for classroom teachers, home care guidelines and lifestyle adjustments student-athletes must consider when dealing with the effects of a concussion. He will work with parents and classroom teachers to help them better understand how to identify the signs, symptoms and behaviours consistent with concussion and then assist in the development of an appropriate personal rehabilitation program which will have the best chance of achieving full recovery and a return to pre-injury academic levels.

Robert and his wife, Valerie, are both life-long residents of the Greater Sudbury Area, having grown up in the towns of Lively and Creighton Mine respectively. They were married in 1972 and raised three very active, sport minded sons who all graduated from the Business and Commerce Program at Laurentian University. They now have seven grandchildren, two wonderful daughters-in-law and consider family as their top priority in life.


DR. MICHAEL CZARNOTA, Ph. D.                      

Consulting Neuropsychologist; 
Sport-Related Concussion Specialist
Principal Partner


Mike CzarnotaDr. Michael Czarnota, Ph. D., operates a private practice as a licensed Neuropsychologist in Detroit, Michigan. He was trained in the evaluation and treatment of brain injuries.


He has had extensive experience with neurocognitive baseline and post-injury testing and is a Credentialed ImPACT consultant.


Since 1998, Dr. Czarnota has been applying the latest concussion management guidelines and research to help athletes recover as fully and as quickly as possible. In the year 2000, he began applying NHL standards to Major Junior athletes. He is currently the primary Neuropsychology consultant for the O.H.L, the W.H.L., the Q.M.J.H.L., the N.O.J.H.L, Central Hockey League, E.C.H.L. and also works with Hockey Canada, the OWHA and the PHPA. 


Dr. Czarnota has been asked to be part of numerous educational lectures and presentations to medical personnel, minor hockey organizations and parents due to the strong need and demand for proper information, education and care regarding young concussed athletes.


Dr. Czarnota's main role in the training and development workshops organized by CMP will be to provide information on how the brain is affected by traumatic brain injuries as well as provide details on the administration and assessment of the baseline and post-injury neuropsychological testing of student-athletes. He will also review the signs, symptoms and behaviours consistent with concussions and provide valuable information on how parents, coaches, teachers, school administration, minor sport organization executives and student-athletes themselves can better identify the occurrence of concussions as soon as they happen.  


Dr. Czarnota is one of the founders of CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc. and is a Principal Partner in the company.


Financial & Business Development Consultant

Principal Partner

Eric (Rick) Giommi, B. Comm, is the School Sports Consultant with CMP Concussion Management Partners. 


Mr. Giommi has accumulated many years of experience with secondary and post-secondary school sports teams, and has been involved with a number of community sport organizations. 


As an athlete he played varsity basketball at both the secondary school and post-secondary school levels. He was a member of the varsity basketball teams at the University of Waterloo , the University of Victoria , and Laurentian University. He has also coached at both the Junior and Senior levels at secondary school as well as at the community club level. 


Mr. Giommi does not have much of an active role in CMP Concussion Management Partners Inc. other than to provide business development advice and consultation. He is a Principal Partner of the company.

Robert Kirwan was the guest on a live talk radio show with host Dave Ferguson on Blog Talk Radio on August 29, 2012. Dave's web site can be found at www.beyondthecheers.com 




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February 15, 2013
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February 17, 2013
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Robert Kirwan was the guest on a live talk radio show with host Dave Ferguson on Blog Talk Radio on September 4, 2013. Dave's web site can be found at www.beyondthecheers.com 


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