The first thing a person does when he/she finds themselves in need of assistance 
is register at the registration desk. On this day, Philip Proulx is volunteering 
his time to help out the expected 50 or more people who will come by for help. 
Philip is a former Valley East Fire Chief. It is ironic that he started out his 
career in 1958 as a volunteer fire fighter in this same building. Now, 
after a long and successful career as a firefighter, he finds himself back 
volunteering in the same building where it all began. This time he is 
volunteering in another emergency service capacity with the Good Neighbours 
Valley East Food Bank.

The volunteers try to provide a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. They know 
how distressing it can be for anyone to seek help from a food bank and they 
all go out of their way to make the experience tolerable. Anne Unwin is 
taking time to enjoy a cup of coffee with Andrea Blais, who is responsible 
for interviewing all clients who come to the food bank. 


When a client sees Andrea in the interview room, a food order is prepared and 
brought to the food distribution centre. There, Gisela Nepssy on the left 
and Margaret Bourgeois, pack the food for the client. Each order is 
dependent on the needs of the family and is designed to provide enough 
food to last about three days. 

Gisela is Secretary of the Board and is also the Chief Purchaser. It is her 
responsibility to make sure that there is enough of the basic food items 
to go around. For example, while many people are generous in donating 
food, it is still necessary to purchase crackers, peanut butter, etc.


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