The Good Neighbours Valley East Food Bank


The Good Neighbours Valley East Food Bank opened its doors to the public in 
January 1994 when the Valley East Fire Department moved to the new fire hall on Highway 69N. Since then, Anne Unwin, Chair of the Board of the Good 
Neighbours Valley East Food Bank Board of Directors, has dedicated her 
life to providing emergency assistance to people from all walks of life and 
from all age groups.

"We Do Not Judge Anyone", declares Anne Unwin

With over 100 people being served through the Good Neighbours each month, Anne Unwin states that many volunteers find it difficult to understand how in a country like Canada there can be so many people in need. Food Banks have become part of a community support network that includes other organizations such as the churches, the Lion's Club, the Knights of Columbus and the Kin Club of Valley East. When a person is having a difficult time in life, and if that person cannot get support from family members, then someone has to be there to help out. 

While the Food Bank is intended to be a short term emergency assistance, there are some who are on disability pensions or on low company pensions who find it almost impossible to get through the last couple of weeks of the month until their cheques come in. That is why Good Neighbours decided to open during the last two Wednesdays. Just in case someone is in need of a few days of food to get over the difficult days.

Anne finds that the most important challenge for anyone coming to the food bank is that many find it very humiliating and their pride is terribly hurt. However, the staff is well experienced to help clients overcome their feelings and to understand that everyone needs support sometimes. That is why we are a community.

The Good Neighbours Valley East Food Bank is grateful to the City of Greater Sudbury for providing them with the building rent and utility free. The City also donated the food bank van.

Food donations are made by the schools, St. Jacques Parish, the Hanmer Valley Chiropractic Centre and individual donors. Anyone who wishes to leave food can simply stop at the Fire Hall on Highway 69N where there is a drop off box. Anne is also appreciative to the Kin Club of Valley East for their donations of money from a Nevada that they run locally and also to the people who support their Nevada box at the Pinto in Sudbury at the corner of Lasalle and Auger Streets.

Anne is happy to help the people who come to the Good Neighbours Food Bank. But she worries about the people who have not come up with enough courage to reach out for their assistance. She fears that there are many homes where food is scarce and pride is keeping them away. If you know of anyone who needs their assistance, please give Anne a call and find out how help can be offered.

The site of the Good Neighbours Valley East Food Bank once stood as a 
Town Hall many years ago for the Hanmer and  Capreol Townships. It then 
became a Fire Hall and today still contains two fire trucks, parked 
and ready for emergencies. 


The Valley East Food Bank van is a familiar site on the roads in the 
community as Anne and her husband, Doug, make numerous pick-ups 
and deliveries of food and clothing.

Kin Club of Valley East Donates $4000 To Good Neighbours Food Bank

The Kin Club of Valley East brought a big smile to the face of Anne Unwin, on the far right, with a much needed cheque for $4000 to help out the Valley East Good Neighbour Food Bank.  Presenting the cheque are  Kin Life Member Mary Lou Bolger, Armand Belanger food Bank Volunteer, Kin Life Member Bob Bolger and Anne Unwin, Chair of the Food Bank. 





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