An Invitation To Move To The I Can Do It Street

   As I sit here typing this editorial I am looking at a small piece of paper that is taped to the top edge of my computer desk. On that paper is written one of my favourite inspirational quotes. I look at it often, especially when I come to a decision that could end up being a major turning point in my life. 

The quote is:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore! Dream! Discover!”
   And so, this past spring I decided that I would follow that advice and have embarked on a personal journey which could allow me to start a whole new career of service that will not only change the rest of my life but will also enable me to make a real difference in the lives of the people around me. I remember that as I was considering whether or not to accept this tremendous challenge I would often stare at the quote above my computer and I realized that if I turned down this opportunity I might regret it for the rest of my life.
   The thing that finally convinced me to go ahead with my decision was a little article I came across written by Larry Harp, called ‘Leaving The City of Regret”. Let me share the story in the author’s own words. As you are reading it, think about what is going on in your own life right now and see if Larry Harp has a message for you in the story.
   I had not really planned on taking a trip this time of year, and yet I found myself packing rather hurriedly. This trip was going to be unpleasant and I knew in advance that no real good would come of it. I'm talking about my annual "GUILT TRIP."

    I got tickets to fly there on Wish I Had airlines. It was an extremely short flight. I got my baggage, which I could not check. I chose to carry it myself all the way. It was weighted down with a thousand memories of what might have been. No one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the
Regret City International Airport. I say international because people from all over the world come to this dismal town.

   As I checked into the Last Resort Hotel, I noticed that they would be hosting the year's most important event, the Annual Pity Party. I wasn't going to miss that great social occasion. Many of the leading citizens in town would be there.

   First, there would be the Done family. You know, Should Have, Would Have and Could Have. Then came the I Had family. You probably know ol' Wish I Had and his clan. Of course, the Opportunities would be present; Missed and Lost. The biggest family would be the Yesterday's. There are far too many of them to count, but each one would have a very sad story to share.

   Then Shattered Dreams would surely make an appearance. And It's Their Fault would regale us with stories (excuses) about how things had failed in his life, and each story would be loudly applauded by Don't Blame Me and I Couldn't Help It. 

   Well, to make a long story short, I went to this depressing party knowing that there would be no real benefit in doing so. And, as usual, I became very depressed. But as I thought about all of the stories of failures brought back from the past, it occurred to me that all of this trip and subsequent "pity party" could be cancelled by ME! I started to truly realize that I did not have to be there. I didn't have to be depressed. One thing kept going through my mind, I CAN'T CHANGE YESTERDAY, BUT I DO HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE TODAY A WONDERFUL DAY. I can be happy, joyous, fulfilled, encouraged, as well as encouraging. Knowing this, I left the City of
Regret immediately and left no forwarding address.”
   Once I finished reading the story I was convinced that there was only one real choice for me to make. I simply had to step forward and accept this new challenge and the opportunity to be of service to my community. And so here I am. No matter what happens during the rest of my life, I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that I tried. Of having thrown off the bowlines and sailed from the safe harbour. This has been a personal journey of discovery and fulfillment. 

Above all else, I am happy and proud to say that I live on I CAN DO IT STREET

There is plenty of room on that street. 

And so, I throw out an invitation to all students to come along and be my neighbour! Make sure that as you work your way through the education system in search of meaning to your life you Explore! Dream! Discover! all there is in your path. Accept new challenges with all of your heart and give it your best. You may not always find success, but at least you won't find yourself living in the City of Regret.


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Robert Kirwan, OCT., B.A. (Math), M.A. (Education)
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