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Hockey Consultants International, a division of Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc., consists of professional hockey experts who are prepared to provide individuals, teams, leagues and associations in Canada and the United States with a comprehensive range of services.

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bulletGame Appreciation Seminar Series
bulletFocus Groups
bulletTeam Assessment & Review
bulletRehabilitation Workshop Program
bulletDispute Resolution & Mediation Services
bulletHigh School Hockey Workshops
bulletReferee Development Program
bulletIndividual Player Advocacy Services
bulletConsulting Services For Hockey Associations
bulletHockey Scholarship Services
bulletSports Marketing & Promotion
bulletTournament Organization
bulletPlayer Development and Training
bulletFund-Raising Programs & Event Management
bulletHockey Magazine & Program Publications
bulletPlayer Agents For Junior and Professional Athletes
bulletWeb site design and management

Hockey today is big business. It is not the same game that was played by young kids growing up along the river banks and lakes in the northern reaches of Canada. 

Modern hockey programs are now up to twelve months long in the larger cities, and for many elite athletes, there is a seamless transition from one season to the next. No sooner do the playoffs end than try-outs begin for the next season. No sooner is that done than summer camps begin, followed by training-camp, the exhibition schedule and the regular season. For many, the cycle goes on endlessly.

Hockey Consultants International acknowledge that there are times when parents, children, coaches and hockey associations need some outside support. The game is becoming too complex for many to handle unless they are devoting full-time attention to the issues as they arise. 

As you can see from the list of services above, our professional hockey consultants are ready and able to provide assistance on virtually all hockey related matters at every level of play.

Sometimes all you need is an outside party to come in and confirm what you thought had to be done in the first place. However, we live in an era when even volunteers are being held accountable for their actions. If a report by an outside agency such as Hockey Consultants International can help assure all involved that the proper decisions are being made, then everyone wins.

Perhaps the most important contribution Hockey Consultants International will make to the sport will come through the "Game Appreciation Seminar Series" which will be offered to hockey associations throughout the nation. These seminars will go a long way to helping alleviate the negative attitudes which are beginning to destroy the image of this fine sport.

Professional Hockey Consultants will play a very important role in the future of hockey. Infocom Canada is pleased to be one of the only firms in Canada offering this service which we feel will make a positive contribution to the game. 


One of the most pleasant surprises in store for individuals, teams, leagues or associations is the cost of consulting services provided by Hockey Consultants International.

Fees are determined in advance based on the particular needs of the client. The myth that all consulting services are too expensive will soon be dispelled. It is the philosophy of Hockey Consultants International that it is far better to provide affordable services to a large segment of the hockey community than to provide expensive services to a small number of clients.

We feel that the sooner we can help improve the image of hockey in Canada and the United States, the better it will be for all. Hockey Consultants International, therefore, is committed to a policy which will allow us to have a significant impact on a large segment of the hockey community. We feel that our services are second-to-none and will be good for the sport.

As a result, we have adopted a very affordable fee structure which should be within reach of most organizations. We look forward to discussing your needs and providing you with several options from which to choose.

Hockey Consultants International is certain that you will be pleased with the services you receive and will call upon us many times in the future for additional advice and service once you see how much it can do for your organization.



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