Everything You Wanted To Know About The New Nickel City Hockey Association With President, Gus Lescault & Robert Kirwan on CKLU 96.7 FM

Robert Kirwan, host of The Learning Clinic Radio Show, which is broadcast live from Laurentian University on CKLU 96.7 FM, hosted a special After The Whistle show on August 15, 2011 with Gus Lescault, President of the new Nickel City Hockey Association which ices rep level teams for players from District 2 of the NOHA. 

Gus provided a very detailed explanation of the history of the development of the NCHA, much of which can be found on the web site at www.nickelcityhockey.ca 

According to the web site, "For years, Walden MHA & Rayside BMHA have collaborated in fielding REP teams at the older age groups.  Four years ago, both executive boards considered merging their REP program because of the continuing decline in the number of players and the sometimes difficult task to find head coaches and team staffs.

At the same time, Valley East Progressive HA & Nickel Centre MHA have also collaborated at various levels in fielding REP teams by amongst other things, releasing players to each other organization.

A couple of years ago, on May 31st 2009, at a president’s meeting hosted by Andrew MacDonald (NOHA D.2 Council Director) and attended by Steve Rinneard (RBMHA), Mitch Loiselle (NCMHA), Gus Lescault (VEPHA) and Yves Laliberté (WMHA) new cooperation ties were established.

In the Fall 2009, following the rejection of the AAA merger by the SMHA Board and the expressed intention of the NCMHA board to stop fielding REP teams, the above group got back together this time with representatives of the Nickel City Sons Hockey Club.  Our district AAA club was seeking a way to affiliate players and complete their Elite program by adding minor teams while the other 4 REP associations was seeking to retain within district 2 the resources (players & volunteers) from NCMHA.

Over the following months, all ten hockey associations (including Capreol MHA, Coniston MHA, Onaping MHA, Valley East Minor HA, Espanola MHA) within our NOHA district 2 were invited to join the many discussions seeking to find common ground which would lead to better cooperation in order to develop a better REP program for the kids in our district.

It was quickly accepted that for the 2010-11 season, 2 minor elite teams at respectively the peewee and bantam divisions would be offered within the district in order to keep our players together in a complete AAA stream.  NCMHA hosted these two teams for their first season.

It was also agreed that a pyramidal team model including AAA-AA-A-B teams, as advocated by Hockey Canada and adopted by successful hockey Associations should be proposed for the benefit of all our district players.  It is largely accepted that by streaming players based on ability rather than age or neighborhood that they will progress and develop better as hockey players.

Furthermore, in the winter & spring of 2010, all 6 REP associations (EMHA, NCMHA, NC Sons HC, RBMHA, VEPHA & WMHA) went back to their membership to seek opinions and to their executive board to seek approval for a one year leave of absence from NOHA for their association REP program.

In the Fall of 2010, 9 of the associations got back together (Espanola MHA, the smallest REP program with 1 midget team, decided to abstain from merging their REP program) in order to develop a constitution and pick a name for the new Association and apply to NOHA for the right to represent all REP hockey in district 2 commencing with the 2011-12 season.

On January 24th 2011, NOHA approved our new Association."


Robert Kirwan, host of The Learning Clinic Radio Show, featured Gus Lescault, President of the new Nickel City Hockey Association during the August 15, 2011 program. Gus explained in detail everything a person would want to know about the new association



The radio show with Gus Lescault that was done above was also recorded on video and posted on Youtube. If you would prefer to "watch" the radio interview, you can do so by clicking on the following links:

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