I have owned and operated a private practice as a business development consultant since 1985. This was initially done on a part-time basis during my teaching career, but since retiring from teaching in 2001 I have devoted full time to the practice which includes providing business development services specializing in marketing, public relations, training and staff  development.

I served as Trustee for Wards 5 & 6 for the Rainbow District School Board from 2010 to 2014 and was subsequently elected to the position of Councillor for Ward 5 in the City of Greater Sudbury for the 2014 to 2018 term.


I will continue to facilitate the growth of the Valley East Facebook Community which stood at over 4100 members on January 16, 2015. On August 16, 2015, just 8 months later, the group had grown in size to 5940 and will soon be over 6000.

This has become the social media extension of the Valley East Today Community Web Site. The Valley East Facebook Community serves as the virtual news publication for the people living in Valley East. There are several general interest sub-groups that have been created for members such as the Valley East Town Hall; the Valley East Baking Exchange; the Valley East Consumers' GuideValley East Birds and Gardens; and Woodworking, Crafts & Projects.

THE VALLEY EAST FACEBOOK SITE has become our "community publication". It is the new wave media where part of the content is publisher-produced and the rest consists of member contributions and engagement. This is a two-way interaction which allows members to read the news and/or engage with each other on topics of interest. The site has also been very helpful when anyone requires any information. They just ask a question and there are plenty of people with the answers.

The Valley East Facebook site is also a way for local goods and service providers to let their prime market know about what they have to offer residents. A heavy emphasis will be made in the coming years on utilizing the Valley East group to promote local businesses.


I have also created a special Facebook group called the Valley East Real Estate Guide. I will be encouraging all real estate agents as well as people who are selling their own homes, to post their listings on this group. This will help people who are interested in moving to Valley East. They will be able to see the Real Estate Agents and Brokers who have available listings and will have some information that will give them an idea of the kinds of homes that are available in the community.

During 2015 I will also be meeting with Real Estate Brokers and Agents to get some feedback from them on what the City can do to stimulate the housing market in the City of Greater Sudbury. This information will be helpful when we discuss new policies and iniatives that might help in this area.

In addition, I will be providing visitors to the group with some information on mortgage trends and helping them understand what is happening in the housing market across Canada.

For more information on my services, contact me by phone or email:

Robert Kirwan, B.A. (Math), M.A. (Education), OCT
President and Chief Executive Officer
Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc.
Phone: (705) 969-7215

Cell:   (705) 562-7793

Contact: Robert Kirwan